Building Canoes

I am a woodworker who knows very little about canoeing.  The first time I saw a cedar strip canoe I knew I had to build one.  Not because I had a burning desire to paddle one, simply because I thought it would test my skills differently than other projects had.

I built my first canoe during the winter of 2014-15.  It is a 12 foot solo. The hull is made of western red cedar and the gunnels are made of mahogany and maple. The thwarts are ash and the bow and deck are maple, cherry and purple heart. The seat is ash and cherry but I removed the seat after my first voyage since it placed the center of gravity too high.  I now paddle sitting or kneeling on the bottom.

Friends who do a lot of canoeing love the way it glides through the water. It does not have a keel, some say it should and some say it shouldn’t.  It now adorns a wall in my downstairs family room. Maybe a bit overbearing but with no place else to store it this will have to do.


My next project, after my daughters wedding this fall is to build an Adirondack guide boat. like the one shown below.  I will use plans from Newfound Woodworks.