A Greene and Greene Project, Finally

Recently I began work on a project I have wanted to do for some time.  I am building a Greene and Greene inspired cabinet based on a design by Dale Barnard, a craftsman from Paoli Indiana. Below is a picture of Dale’s cabinet.

It is based on a cabinet built by the Greene’s at the William R Thorsen House in Berkley California.  Here is a picture of the Thorsen House original cabinet.

You can see how this cabinet would inspire many a craftsman to want to build something as beautiful and well designed as the Green’s work in the Thorsen House. Notice the leaded glass panels in the door.

There is a bit of a story behind this, I will be attending a 3-day wood working class at Dale’s shop in Paoli in June learning how to build a wonderful craftsman style wall sconce like the one below.  My wife Kathy will also attend and she will learn the stained glass part while I learn the wood and joinery part.  I all goes as planned we will leave Paoli with two beautiful sconces.

different view

As I considered signing up for Dale’s course I decided do some research on him and stumbled on an online course that he did a few years back where he built the wall cabinet inspired by the Green’s. So, I took the course and finally had a chance to start.

This project involved a number of mortise and tenon joints and the ones in the door construction seem incredibly complicated.  The muntins and mullions are all on a different plane from the door frame.  The door itself is set in from the frame as well. The large proud finger joints on the front a side aprons will be a first for me. There is also a secret hiding area accessible by removing the front finger joint which is attached by rare earth magnets.

Here is my first weeks progress, I was able to cut and rough fit all of the pieces.

Rough Fit

I finished the individual pieces before the glue up. The door was a very difficult glue up and a bit nerve wracking since my wood glue only has a 15 minute open time before setting up. I used a mahogany stain and a padded shellac finish. A little darker than I would like but I’m happy with the results.

Here is the cabinet assembled with out the door attached.

Glue Up, Door Fitted Not installed

Waiting on my hinges, once arrived I can attach the door. The last task will be to make the leaded glass panels and insert them into the door.I have a busy schedule the next several weeks so it may be July before I finish this project.